Paul Meltelum

Paul is originally from the North East Mallicolo, On the island bathed in the heart of the ocean and tanned in the Sun VAO Maka.
This interest in Music was first born during religious animation with the Catholic youth group. A simple guitar note reasons The birth of a career.
Although Through All Dreams, I thank God for this wonderful talent.
1997, first concert at Fest Napuan as Bassists With the group Black Maka.
As a teacher, I mainly work With My First Piano within school activities as a Solo artist.
And finally will be born the nickname H’NI MÉLAN. SOLO.
2016 first recording with the group Alizé of which I was the composer of 2 small pieces.
2018 I composed a single called ‘YUNITY power bong development’ and recorded at the thin roof studio.


2021 I also recorded Yumi Go at the side sea records.
I care a lot about this career because I find the daring and the passion.
I sincerely thank YMA, for its support and its vision for the future of artists.
I especially invite young people to ‘Love Music.’

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