Known now as Falgon, Christiano Tarilenga is from Pentecost, born 16/01/1990.

Started recording on the 17th of February 2017.

It is an Exhausting journey, full of fun and interesting but challenging times.
And the fight is still on.

Falgon has featured 43 Artists locally and 3 international Artists.

With many Hits that have already been released, Falgon is a Popular Figure or name in the Local community.

His Songs are Available now on some online platforms, such as Spotify, D,Music, Apple Music, Dezeer etc.

There is so much to be done yet and he is ready for it.

  • 3 years in the Music industry 
  • 100+ songs
  • Mostly Reggae
  • Featured 30 different Artist (29  Local artists + 1 International Artists)
  • 4 Studios
  • 4 Producers
  • 16 appearances 
  • 6 different stage 
“Give thanks for life, for you don’t know what tomorrow ah go bring.
Because even as a captain you don’t know when the Ship ah go Sink .
If you have the same Dream as me, then this is for you…”
“Challenges do come, I call it Visitation. 
Don’t  let that make you  losse your concentration.
One day when you archived what you want you will sit back , relax and smile with satisfaction.”


Falgon Official Youtube Channel is where you get to hear my songs. But I need your support to help me reach my dreams, achieve my goals by subscribing and commenting.

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