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YMA is assisting in organizing local artists throughout the country. The Vanuatu National Artists Database is regarded as the best way forward and we are well ahead with the process of registering interested local artists. The program comes as part of preparation towards the NATIONAL MUSIC POLICY which is yet to be approved by the Vanuatu government.

All musicians & bands please register your details with YMA – it’s free!

Become a YMA Member

Things you can benefit from as a YMA member

  1. Effective promotion and exposure
  2. Moral Support
  3. Collaborations
  4. Access to YMA resources for effective music audio and video production
  5. Assist in registering creations to copyright management society
  6. To represent you
  7. To ensure artists are added and monitored through the Vanuatu National Music Database – to be presented upon completion of the Vanuatu Music Policy, which will then result in the formation of the national music commission
  8. To provide professional support and advice on any music production

Important notice

Please bear in mind that this registration or affiliation fees are for 1 year only. Any person/Band who wishes to renew his/her/their affiliation or registration fees must pay the same amount at the end of the twelve month from the date of registration.

Payments are to be made via bank account number if you’re located on the islands and receipts are to be scanned and sent via email. You ID cards shall be sent as soon as payments are received.