Music Policy

Facebook Register now Latest news Music policy The final draft will now be sent to C.O.M for their approval in the next parliament seating. After approval trades and industry will then elect a music board to draft a 5 year strategy plan. It is recommended of artists to join or form their associations now.  © 2021 Yumi […]

Profile – Alfred Hosea

Profile Alfred Hosea My name is Alfred Hosea, I am Ni-Vanuatu, and I come from Tafea province, from the island of Tanna. The types of songs I produce in my music career are mostly  1. Zouk 2. Dancehall I’m a singer and composer as well which  I go by the name Alfronix ZNP. And I started participating […]

New website launched for YUMI MUZIK Association

Latest news New website launched for YUMI MUZIK Association New website launched for YUMI MUZIK Association (YMA) at the MSG conference room on Friday, October 1. All music artists in Vanuatu are encouraged and urged to visit the website and register for benefits. The website is brought to you to by HSEQ (a YMA partner), and […]

2nd consultations on the National Music Policy

Latest news 2nd Consultations on the National Music Policy Another milestone for the Vanuatu music industry. Some main keys objectives on musik policy. Policy in 3 languages. App to protect Copyright intellectual property.  Have a music awards day. Increase promotions for artists etc.  TIMELINE1st-15th October consultation in provinces. 28th final draft to be presented to CoM. PILLARS […]

Profile – Zzitii & Keo

Profile Zzitii & Keo Hello my name is George Garae. My artist name is Zzitii. My brother’s name is Neville Bakeo. His artist name is Keo. We are both from Ambae Island. We are two of Vanuatu’s young artists. We would like to share a little story about ourselves. When I was little, I lived […]

Departments of Trade & Tourism working together with YMA

Latest news Departments of Trade & Tourism working together with YMA Departments of Trade and Tourism are working together with YUMI MUSIK ASSOCIATION including some other musik asssociations in the participation of the first ever drafted National Music Policy.

Profile – Morobak Band

Profile Morobak Band The Morobak local string band is originally from the Island of Southeast Pentecost. The band has started as a group of boys from Bai barrier village south Pentecost that do community work and village Work and later become a band and name Morobak local string band and move up to do their […]

Profile – Paul Meltelum

Profile Paul Meltelum Paul is originally from the North East Mallicolo, On the island bathed in the heart of the ocean and tanned in the Sun VAO Maka.   This interest in Music was first born during religious animation with the Catholic youth group. A simple guitar note reasons The birth of a career.   […]

MSG Draft Music Policy

Latest news MSG Draft Music Policy YMA team members among with senior officers from other music organizations and government officials were invited to attend a consultation regarding the MSG draft policy on traditional and contemporary music festival which will be held in Vanuatu in the coming years.  Thank you MSG for such a brilliant initiative.

Profile – Richard Waka

Profile Richard Waka I am from a little rocking island down the southern part of Vanuatu called Futuna. Music is my passion and I like to use my music to inspire others. I am a reggae artist and also sing in Zouk and dancehall. I’ve been singing since I was little and started performing on […]