About us

Yumi Muzik Association (YMA) is a Vanuatu music association which was established on October 2020 by a group of local artists.

It is a registered charitable organization which focuses mainly on issues affecting local musicians of any age race gender or ability living on any island in Vanuatu. Our main focus is to locate, develop and maintain local talent and in return assist them to unleash and use them for their benefits.

Our aim is to ensure music is celebrated in all parts of Vanuatu. For that to happen certain musical resources such as instruments and musical production resources be distributed to all provinces to assist artists in each provinces produce their own creations without having to pay lump sums of cash. The current national artist database has proven that music in Vanuatu is a rising empire and can change lives if proper and appropriate measures are carried out.

The executive members of the committee are Shina Nickson (President), Benjamin Siro (Vice President), George Iaviniau (Secretary), Horace Thevenin (Vice Secretary), Reynolds Herena (Treasurer) and Joseph Sahi (Vice Treasurer).

Life as we all know has not been easy with the ongoing crisis, therefore YMA has decided to assist in organizing local artists throughout the country. A Vanuatu national artist database is regarded as the best way forward and we are well ahead with the process of registering interested local artists. These program comes as part of preparation towards the NATIONAL MUSIC POLICY which is yet to be approved by the Vanuatu government.  

The association holds in high regard its agreement with its partners who have willingly signed a partnership contract to work together for certain amount of time. YMA has signed agreements with certain government and non-government organizations in Port Vila. These partners have willingly agreed to assist in the development of the Vanuatu Music Sector.

Together in the next five to ten years we believe musicians and artists will be fully capable to produce their own creations in their home provinces. And in the same way be able to host massive musical events to their home crowd on a yearly or monthly basis.

Along with the YMA are other music groupings or associations which we believe have similar aims and objectives. Negotiations are currently underway to bind these organizations together as partners all working for the same course.

After lockdown such activities will help to draw tourists to other parts of the country. The national government and all YMA partners have a vital role in ensuring these plans are carried out. If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor for these course please do not hesitate to email yumimuzik@gmail.com

Our Committee

Shina Nickson Manu

Shina is a young female artist musician who have been singing since she was a young girl. She stays as the one of the best hotel entertainers of the country.

Since 2020 she’s been fighting alot to get recognition from the government towards all musicians to get them understand how important we are, and that’s why she has created this association called YMA.

She is now the President and Chairperson of the Association.

George Laviniau

George Laviniau known as Gero through his stage name, is originally from Tanna. An  Island famous known for its Volcano. He has a passion for music and started very young by playing Ukulele and guitar at the age 7.

Along the way, George came to realised that every string instrument shares the same principle except for the keyboard, its a bit different. George started singing at the age of 20 and played drums at the age of 21 and is self taught. George is the author of every Naio Band song. He endeavored in sound engineering, also self taught, and is now working as a producer at VKS (Vanuatu Kaltural Senta).

George (Gero) likes to help artists archive their goals. Music has always been inside of him as long as he can remember up until his time is up. 

Joseph Sahi

Joseph Sahi is a boy originated from Paama Island. He started his music carrier at Malapoa College back in 1999. In 2003, he decided to stop school and involved only in music. Joseph is a song writer, song composer & also a song arranger. 

He has written over 80 songs. Some of his best hits include Island Girl, Class 6, Red Kappa, Talefa Girl, Disability and many more… In 2021 Joseph decided to introduced himself as one single artist under the name “Siro degree” meaning “Grass roots.” His aim is to earn money and make living through this GOD gifted talent.
He is now the Assistant Treasurer for YMA.
Joseph final
Ben final

Ben Siro

Benjamin Siro from Pentecost Island on the northern part of Vanuatu. He’s been in the music industry for his entire life. For his dreams begun when he was still a kid and later when he was asked to join his Band HUARERE.

He began at the early age of 16 and have been performing ever since. Music has been a major part of his life and he an’t remember the last time he had a real job.

Through music he  had the opportunity to travel the world, experiencing different cultures and beautiful landscape of the pacific, east and Western Europe and America.  

Our Partners & Sponsors

Having established it’s first website YMA wishes to acknowledge it’s partner the HSEQ Vanuatu for having completed such an amazing job. This first ever Vanuatu music website will not only assist in spreading important music information throughout the country but assist member musicians in promoting their music and career to their fans and a range of wider population all over the world. YMA wishes to encourage local artists to take responsibility by working hard for their musical dreams and visions. YMA website is here to assist you as a member artist to fully express yourself musically by giving you the opportunity to promote, publish and even register your music.

YMA is currently building relations with other organizations. Our aim is to ensure our clients members and partners get the required attention they deserve to boost sales and productivity. Our current challenges are to convince local artists to have their names registered in the national artist database to ensure effective government planning to address the critical issues affecting them on a daily basis.

Music is among other creative industries that cannot be controlled unless active policy guidelines are established and approved to guide them through. The government through the ministry of trades and industry have put together a team of task force to ensure a national music policy is compiled. With assistance of the taskforce team a music policy is currently being lodged for C.O.M approval. While awaiting the national consultations and final COM approval YMA together with it’s partners wish to encourage local artists to register their names in the NATIONAL ARTIST DATABASE to Effectively address their issues during five year strategy planning process.

Community diologues are currently underway for any interested communities or areas to assist in addressing the importance of the national artists database. Please keep in touch and should you require information please do not hesitate to contact YMA or other Partners concerned.


Health, Safety, Environment, Quality. HSEQ Vanuatu specialises in the development and implementation of HSEQ Management Systems for government and corporate entities, aligned to International Standards Organisation (ISO) specifications.